Another Day Another Bug

Well, hey there! Today I’m going to be talking about one of the most annoying things about coding: BUGS. Okay; story time. Yesterday (3/4/2023) I was working on a personal project, a fairly simple project with only a few lines of JavaScript (less than 30) and I was feeling confident. I was doing a good job until I tried to run the program and nothing worked. Then the 5 stages started to set in. I tried to solve the problem but I couldn’t find the issue. I spent 2 hours looking, deleting and adding until eventually I gave up defeated. I decided to take a break: a Kinder Bueno and a juice. Feeling refreshed, I decided to start again from the beginning. So, I cut my code and pasted it, trying to give it one last try. I pressed F5 and then it worked! I was mad and happy (mappy). I spent hours looking for a bug that I had never found and now it was magically gone. So, I did the only thing I could do: save it and promise to never touch it again. Because if it’s not broken don’t touch it ever.


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